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Tighten Canadian housing market rules, OECD urges

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The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development suggests that there should be further tightening of macro-prudential measures undertaken last year. PARIS—A Paris-based economic think-tank is calling on Canada to do more to address risks associated with high-priced housing markets in cities such as Toronto and Vancouver. The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development&...Read More

By: Nasira Jamal

Vancouver home prices rise as market recovers from buyers tax

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Home sales in the Vancouver region’s once-hot housing market fell in May compared with a year ago, but prices climbed from earlier in the year as the market continued to rebound from a foreign buyers tax implemented in 2016, data showed on Friday. The benchmark price for all types of residential properties in Greater Vancouver, Canada’s most expensive real estate market, was $967,500 ...Read More

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Efforts to cool housing market sparked drop in CMHC insurance

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New mortgage insurance rules introduced by the federal government last fall to cool the housing market have led to a sharp drop in insurance volumes for Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. as fewer home buyers qualify for mortgage insurance. CMHC said total insured volumes fell 41 per cent in the first quarter of 2017, including a 23-per-cent drop in homeowner insurance volumes and an 87-per-cent d...Read More

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Most Canadians would have trouble with 10% hike in mortgage payments: poll

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Nearly three quarters of Canadian homeowners say they would have difficulty paying their mortgage if their payments were to increase by more than 10 per cent, says a new survey by Manulife Bank. Thirty-eight per cent of those polled say their mortgage bills could rise between 1 to 5 per cent before they would have financial difficulty; 20 per cent say they could sustain an increase in payments bet...Read More

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Toronto sees April home prices grow as listings soar


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Toronto region sales were down but prices still growing, says the Canadian Real Estate Association. Some experts feel the market is becoming more balanced but it’s not a buyer’s market yet. A record 36 per cent increase in re-sale home listings last month hasn’t stopped prices from gaining ground in the Toronto region but it does have realtors adjusting their selli...Read More

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Toronto housing market frenzy may be subsiding, some realtors say

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But experts say it’s too soon to say if provincial rules are causing buyers to take a breath. It is like a tap has been switched off. That’s how realtor Louise Sabino describes the housing market in the wake of the Liberal government’s provincial plan aimed at cooling Toronto’s scorching property prices. “I think it’s shocking that it did make the impact so fast...Read More

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Sell Your Home In 22 Days Guaranteed

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  " I Guarantee To Sell Your Home In Less Than 22 Days or I Will Waive My Commission"    Every day your home is on the market, unsold, you are losing money. Your Sales Representative needs to have your same Sense Of Urgency. I am committed to selling your home as quickly as possible.   Some agents love having your home on the market so they can attract more buye...Read More